Dedham Police Department

School anti-Bullying program

The Dedham Police Department along with the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office have scheduled the Anti-Bullying Program for the 3rd through 8th grade students at all schools.

What is Bullying?
Bullying is any word, action, or other direct behavior that is intentional, cruel, threatening, and repetitive. It is the power which one child has over another. It hurts and keeps on hurting. Most bullying goes unnoticed and unreported and the effects can last a lifetime

Why Does the Police and DA's Office Care About Bullying?
Bullying can be illegal and studies have shown that 60 percent of identified bullies have criminal convictions by the age of 24, more alcoholism,more need for mental health services, and violence in relationships.

The Anti-Bullying Program looks to educate students through videos, presentations, skits, and letting the students ask questions.





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