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When to use 911

911 is designed for emergency use. Only use 911 if you have an emergency or a problem that require immediate assistance from Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, or Emergency Medical Services. Do not call regarding business questions or billing information, for this information call the non-emergency numbers

911 is meant for EMERGENCIES only. Do not use 911 for directory assistance, to get telephone repair, to contact an individual (for non-emergency information) with fire, police, or EMS agencies, or for EMS billing questions. For these type of calls, please use the non-emergency number 781-751-9300

911 Emergency Examples
Someone breaking into your home now or one of your neighbors' homes
Traffic accidents
Fights in progress or displays of weapons
Any medical emergencies

Non-Emergency Examples
Abandoned vehicles
Loud parties
Barking dogs
Power outages

What questions to expect when dialing 911





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